Why study with us?

From inception, it has been projected that the college will produced more than 1,000 graduates and contributed to research and technological development for local and International communities. The annual output of students will be over 3,000 bound to increase. We ReDeFiNe EdUcAtIoN

  • Highly qualified lecturers
  • Flexible payment plan
  • Contemprorary classrooms featuring advanced ICT capabilities
  • Secured environment to support your learning
  • Academic and Examination Assistance given to students
  • Offer full time, partime, distance as well as online (For selected courses)
  • Fully equiped Library and ICT Laboratory
  • Expansive eLibrary

Jump start your career with us, apply for January, June July Intake today! Education is the key to success and indeed it is, take advantage of the first Learning institution which offers training in your native language.

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Hours Of Support In short were are 24/7, 365 days

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Staff Our highly qualified and body abled staff

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Upright Business College we believe in more than education, we believe in education with production

Our Institution that has been in existence for over 11 years now. Our focus is diversified our goal is to provide both Professional Education as well as Vocational Education at all levels of Society. Our Curriclum will is toilored in a unique way to enable our students be able to adpt to their work place that is why, Entreprenureship, Management, Basic Financial Accounting, Introduction to ICT, Economics, Commerce and Trade, English for Specific purposes, Communication skill, Marketing, Loss control and industrial protection of goods will be offered as compulsory courses. Our College is and will encourage Vocational Education, Career educational pathway as well as inovation and invention

  • 01 Vocational Education

    Our vocational education is education that prepares people to a skilled craft as an artisan, trade as a tradesperson, or work as a technician.

  • The process or acquisition of knowledge, abilities, and attitudes that enable individuals to both understand and perform effectively in their chosen vocations. Career education may be planned and formal, self-directed, mandated, or voluntary.

  • Entrepreneurship is the ability and readiness to develop, organize and run a business enterprise, along with any of its uncertainties in order to make a profit. The most prominent example of entrepreneurship is the starting of new businesses.

Courses to be interested in

Courses on Demand with ready market for employment

School of Health

Nursing Assistant and HIV/AIDS management

Design, Cutting and Toiloring

Design cutting and toiloring

School of Agriculture PRD

Agriculture and food processing

Our Friendly Team

Message from the Founders

Willie Simatende

Ceo & Founder

A compus reimagined, a future redefined

Hellen Kunda

Managing Director

We are for you, you and you that is why our curriculum is toilored in such a way that its world class, youre welcomed and its develop our World together

Steward Susiku

Lecturer Academics

We care, that is why our instituion is able to conduct lecturers in both English and Local Languages


Designer/Marketing Manager

Bring our ideas to reality with Upright, here we are definitly supporting you till your idea becomes reality (Innovation Hub)

Kapembwa K


When we mean education with production we mean first class results, with already available market in all sector Agriculture, Technology, Health, Education etc

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Call: 0971015502/0978508776 Email: uprightzambia@gmail.com/Facebook. Upright Zambia Instergram: upright.Zambia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should study at our Institution?

All our courses are hybrid with ICT, Management, Economics, Entrepreneurship as compulsory, this is a preliquisite for all programs our focus is Education with production. We have four modes of study depending on the course to cover everyone, full time, distance, evening and weekend. we have boarding facilities as well as a flexible payment plan.

What qualifications do you need to be accepted?

The college has two path ways Vocational Pathway (Education with production) and Career pathway, all applicants will be scrutinised based on the selection of the choice of their course and level of qualifications (Certificate, Diploma and Degree)

Internationally recognised?

Internationally recognised with partners all around the globe, dont limit your potential.

Scholarships and Busaries

Scholarships and Busaries are awarded to deserving students, please not that only students who meet the criteria will be awarded.

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